Happy 93rd Birthday to Mattie!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM.  Thanks for the gift your life is and has always been to us.

Though this is a blog featuring travel, photography, and sometimes a bit of poetry, I have to take time today to congratulate (and thank) my mother, who is a major source of my love of travel and my appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us.  I did not always fully understand the gifts my mother offered. Yes, she was, and is, a good hard-working woman who fed us well (too well), kept us clean, made sure we went to school, and taught us to be good citizens and treat people with respect. Raised in poverty herself (as one of 14 children), a sharecropper’s child, she showed her love through her work: cleaning, cooking, sewing, gardening – all of the woman skills she learned from her own mother. A “down-to-earth” woman, I’ve heard her called.

She was not a philosopher, did not write poetry or have long discussions with us about the meaning of life. She just lived life.  For me, as a child with a serious philosophical bent (who did write poetry), I confess that she seemed to be limited in some way, missing something I thought was important.  Now, as an old woman myself, I can only marvel at my own limited vision. I would not change who I am or who she is one bit, but I would dearly love to have more of her everyday courage and grit. She has the ability to just get up in the morning and do all that one can do, with joy for the privilege of doing it, no matter the pains she experiences or the losses of her life.

I may write some poetry, but her life is poetry itself.

Mattie dressed for a party

3 comments on “Happy 93rd Birthday to Mattie!

  1. Janice and Nolan,
    This is so beautiful. I can’t believe she is 93. That is so awesome. Hello to everyone. And your site is so pretty. Love Denise

  2. Your love shows through to all your family and especially to Mattie. May God bless your family and especially on Mattie’s 93 birthday. Love, Jo Ann

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