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Waterlily and Bee at Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


To dance in frozen motion

To shear apart whatever clings

To spin a filament of prose distilled

is poetry.

To open doors of perception

To be earth’s awareness of itself

To see the world as it is and is not

is poetry.

To paint pastel Unicorns and laughing Macaws

To sing the wonder of sound and time and space

To mock the grim humor of rushing to no place

is poetry.

To capture the easy wind’s soft sound

To hear the bird chatter of little rivers

To love Love for its own sake

is poetry.

To swim in a shoreless ocean

To stir memories of midnight fears

To taste the stinging brine of healing tears

is poetry.

To forge a new link in a chain of faith

To tug on the future and halo the past

To filibuster for the love of square circles

is poetry.

To fan phoenix-flames in a bed of ash

To find the rainbow in a waterfall

To feel the soul that shares us all

is poetry.

(Poem by Janice Braud)

One comment on “POETRY

  1. Im not sure what I like more. The wonderful pictures of all that God has created is so very beautiful. The poetry is descriptive and deep. I have read each and everyone and enjoyed them as well… They touch the soul.

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