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I was very young when I first imagined I could fly Just 4 or 5 I think, and very confused About those grown-up boundaries dividing Dreams and fantasy from cold reality. By day I’d lie in grassy fields and watch a fearless Blue Jay harass a stalking cat, then safely leap aloft And flap his […]

Of Seasons and Circles

While we love photographing landscapes and nature in general,  our first photographic love has always been flowers and gardens and colorful trees. Being southerners (Texas and Louisiana natives), we really love spring and fall which helps us to tolerate summer and winter (don’t laugh if you come from further north – winter feels cold when […]

Raindrops and flowers – refreshing the earth

RAIN-KISSED (poem by Janice Braud) The wild, impulsive rain had come and gone. The earth lay quivering in rosy light heart throbbing still to greet the early dawn remembering fond kisses in the night. Raindrops on Lily, Lilium “Stargazer”, along the beach road at Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Raindrops on Red Tulip in […]

Driving the Columbia Icefields Parkway

If I stand very still, I can hear the glacier groaning as a thousand feet of ice grinds its way forward inch by inch — or so I imagine. Imagining comes easy, standing here in this white wonderland of wind and ice and melting snow that is Athabasca Glacier in summertime. At Patricia Lake, fog […]

Standing Stones and Irish Mystery

A Natural High

I have no need for alcohol or ecstasy Or any other chemical to make me high. I have my camera. When I look through the lens At the wonder of creation, at the Lines and shapes and colors of nature’s palette, Time slips away from me And there is only this magnificent Now. Through the […]