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She Loves Alaska!

My mother loves Alaska. Her name is Mattie and she is 92 years old (or will be in July) – and she is leaving next week for her 10th (I think – losing count here) trip to Alaska. She has relatives, nieces and nephews, there, which makes the trip affordable for someone living on Social Security and her savings earned from cleaning homes over the years. Alaska, with its wild and wonderful beauty, is her favorite place to visit, but when she was younger and my father was alive, she made it to all fifty states. With a small motor home, they managed to see the country “on the cheap” but with great joy. Coming from poverty and a tenant farmer’s life, she has delighted in the chance to see and appreciate the beauty so many take for granted. She is not a photographer, but she has been an inspiration to my own photography as she painted wonderful mental pictures in her stories of this land, from Hawaii to Alaska and every state in between. I can’t wait to hear her latest saga when she returns. Happy Travels! From Janice

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